The annual Facebook F8 developer conference is coming up

29. 4. 2019

Another Facebook F8 conference focusing on the developer community is just around the corner. It will be held in San Jose, CA from April 30 to May 1, 2019. You can look forward to a host of innovations in technology and human connections.

Newsfeed will have a representative at the conference, so afterwards, we will prepare a summary for you of all the new innovations.

Facebook has published the conference program and some of the attractions that participants and viewers can expect:

1. Spotlight on Stories

Facebook will dedicate one part of the program to popular Stories and creative advertising. This direction has already been signaled by the platform early this year, encouraging advertisers to use interactive surveys in Instagram Stories. The goal is to bring interaction, creativity and corporate communication to Stories.

2. Spark AR Outlook

Facebook’s investment in AR (augmented reality) has been growing over the past few years, and its goal is to deploy AR to ads on its platforms. Therefore, the theme of augmented reality can’t be missed at the F8 conference. This section will focus on powerful new features and controls for managing and distributing AR experiences. You’ll also learn how the Spark AR platform is evolving and what opportunities it offers businesses and consumers.

3. React, GraphQL and Relay

T open-source projects React, GraphQL and Relay are driving more and more Facebook services. This section will discuss how Facebook uses these technologies to help ensure high-quality and modern web platforms.

4. Powered by PyTorch

PyTorch is an open source learning framework that helps companies learn to easily build and deploy AI models across their products and services. In this section, PyTorch leaders will speak and showcase the application of software around the world to medicine and to the fight against cancer.

For complete conference information, see the following link, where you can also register for the online stream of the conference.

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