About the project


Newsfeed.org is an online magazine dedicated to Facebook from the point of view of enterprise users, especially marketers. It is an open platform powered by Business Factory and ROI Hunter, a Facebook Marketing Partner. ROI Hunter is supported directly by Facebook which we cooperate with intensively and get complete information from an official source. Since our platform is managing hundreds of thousands of Facebook ads ads we can give you verified tutorials and share with you best practices across the markets.

We regularly provide you with proven news directly from the source, inspirational case studies as well as advice and tutorials on how to use Facebook for your business better. We cooperate with creative professionals, PPC specialists and other performance marketers working in renowned agencies who have been engaged in Facebook for a very long time. Independent professionals also contribute to the magazine.

We do not want to chase speculation and point out communication failure of incompetent admins. Newsfeed.org is primarily not even intended for regular Facebook users – look for such content somewhere else. We aim at educating the market about Facebook marketing and advertising. We help companies and agencies to learn how to work effectively using the latest best practices. However, we cannot substitute for Facebook helpdesk. We will be happy to guide you to the right form but we cannot arrange to get your lost Facebook page back or unlock a blocked account.

Find a list of partners involved below – if you are interested in cooperating with us, do not hesitate to contact us and reach us at team@newsfeed.org. We will always be happy about your feedback. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter where you can always get the latest information, commented links and news.

This project is done in cooperation with the following ones: