About the project

Newsfeed.org is an educational centre for marketing and business professionals who are interested in learning about the newest possibilities of online marketing and proven techniques. We believe that online marketing is the present and the future and so we aim to educate the market about online marketing and online advertising in an effective and affordable way. Yet, we prioritize highly valuable and actionable insight over glossy content.

  • We regularly provide you with trustworthy news directly from the source, inspirational case studies as well as advice and tutorials, especially focusing on online advertising, data analytics, marketing automatization, marketing Intelligence, and other related areas. 
  • We cooperate with creative professionals, PPC specialists and other performance marketers working in renowned companies who have been engaged in online marketing for a very long time. We consult them when creating our content and encourage and inspire both independent professionals and companies to contribute. Should the content comply with our policy and publishing plans, we publish such content at given rates or even free of charge provided that we really like the content and find it in the interest of the readers.
  • We offer full-fledged educational courses both in the form of online and in-person sessions and we also irregularly organise free educational events such as online webinars and offline conferences.

Newsfeed.org is sponsored by Business Factory, a global marketing technology partners company and is run in close collaboration with entities such as ROI Hunter, LeadHub, MarketingIntelligence.io, WeRSM and others. 

If you are interested in cooperating with us, do not hesitate to contact us and reach us at team@newsfeed.org.