Facebook has published a guide to Creator Studio

4. 10. 2019

Facebook has recently introduced the ability to schedule Instagram posts using Creator Studio. Now they have come out with a Creator Studio guide, which introduces you to basic features, overviews and important elements of Creator Studio.

Creator Studio was created to help businesses build their brands, grow their communities, improve scheduling, manage posts and videos and provide advertisers with quality reporting.

The new guide introduces users to all the features available and includes tips on how to use Creator Studio properly.

Creator Studio allows you to:

  • Publish, schedule and manage posts across multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts from one place.
  • Upload videos in bulk and create and manage playlists across your Facebook pages.
  • Track video performance, monetization, and estimated video revenue for all your sites. You’ll get clear statistics that include Ad Breaks, Brand Collabs Manager and fan subscriptions.
  • Respond to comments and messages from Facebook and Instagram from one environment.
  • View, download and use music for your videos at no charge from Creator Studio’s audio collections.

Creator Studio – Facebook Statistics

Creator Studio has a highly developed statistics feature to help you improve your strategies and manage your Facebook accounts.

Here are some video statistics as an example:

1.  Video Performance

The first important statistics panel focuses on video performance on Facebook pages. Statistics show:

  • Opportunities – Suggestions and tips for creating your videos
  • Video views – 1 min and 3 sec views
  • Interaction – Clicks, comments, I like it
  • Number of minutes of video watched
  • Which videos your audience is watching the most
  • Number of followers and their overall growth

2.  Loyalty metrics

Loyalty metrics include:

  • Follower Activity – How many users have followed or stopped following you during a certain period
  • User retention – How many users are returning to your videos compared to last week
  • How long users watch the video – How the video watch graph evolves over the selected period

3. Audience

In the Audience section, you’ll find statistics that tell you more about your fan base, such as:

  • What the age of your viewers is compared to different periods
  • Where your viewers come from, where they watch your videos
  • Which languages the viewers speak
  • Their interests
  • Which pages your audience likes
  • What their favorite videos are
  • What days and hours your followers are on Facebook the most

4. Earnings

Other important insights are monetization metrics for your videos to help you maximize your earnings.

Instagram Statistics

Creator Studio also provides clear statistics for Instagram such as:

  • Activity – Metrics that track account interactions, reach and impressions over the last 7 days
  • Audience – Reports on the number of earned and lost followers and net followers in the last 7 days
  • When your followers are online on Instagram, both day and time
  • The age and gender of your followers
  • What countries and cities your followers come from

Part of the Creator Studio guide also shows you how to create posts on Instagram and IGTV.

Tips and tricks

The last part of the guide offers tips and tricks on how to work effectively with Creator Studio.

For more information, visit Creator Studio Playbook.

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