Facebook adds new rating parameters into pages and groups algorithm

17. 6. 2019

In May, Facebook updated its algorithm, stating that it would make content from our close friends more visible and limit the reach of clickbait. Now they are adding other new rating factors, which this time are related to Facebook pages and groups.

Facebook often uses user-based studies to get feedback and improve their platform. This was also the case for a survey where users were asked to define which friends were closest to them. This fact can also be seen by Facebook from photo tags, answers and comments on posts. Facebook then uses the results in its algorithm to determine who is closest to you on the platform.

In addition, Facebook is now adding new rating criteria for content from Facebook pages and groups that users are most interested in. Facebook knows well that friends are not the only reason people come to Facebook. Users are also interested in watching their favourite pages and groups. On this topic, Facebook conducted another survey to find out:

  • What interest people have in the content from the Facebook pages they are following.
  • How important Facebook groups they have joined are to them.

Facebook said that based on the survey results, News Feed has been updated to show users groups and pages which could be interesting for them.

Factors that will rank the popularity of pages and groups include:

  • how long you have been following the page
  • how long you have been in the group
  • whether you publish posts on the page or in the group
  • whether you are responding to posts on the page or in the group

It’s not yet clear exactly how these individual indicators will work, how page and group administrators will be able to use them, how often they should publish or what it will mean to them.

But Facebook has said that these changes will not lead to an increase in engagement of the pages or groups in the feed. It’s just that if the algorithm determines that you are interested in a page or a group, it will show their posts in a higher position in the feed.

Facebook will also change the ranking of videos in the coming months.

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