Instagram introduces new stickers to Stories

10. 5. 2019

Creativity generates more interaction and is the foundation of successful Instagram Stories. Instagram has cited this fact several times in its 2019 strategies. At F8, Instagram presented several innovations made to help make stories more interesting. These include the new Instagram Stories stickers: Donation Stickers, Join Chat Stickers and Quiz Stickers.

1. Donation Stickers on Instagram

The Donation Sticker will be a useful tool for non-profit organizations to help them get more fans and new financial contributions via Instagram. If you choose to help a selected organization, the transaction will not charge you anything extra; it will only include the net financial donations to the foundation.

And it’s easy to use! You can choose Donation Stickers from Instagram Stories, and after adding a photo or video, you will be able to see a list of non-profit organizations and choose one to contribute to. After adding it to Stories, you will share this information with your followers to raise awareness of the Foundation and of the issues you have financially supported.

The list shows you the foundations you follow and then other random organizations. Close to each foundation you will see three dots, and if you click on them, you will see their Instagram profile. When you decide to send a donation to a non-profit organization, you need to write a text that will motivate other users to support the organization.

Donation Stickers is active in the US and will be open to all users gradually.

2. Join Chat Stickers on Instagram

Instagram is working on a new Stories sticker called Join Chat. It will encourage users to join a group chat on Instagram. This is a tiny but very useful update that will encourage interaction and message exchange between user groups in the platform’s application.

Source: Jane Wongm

Source: Wongm Jane

Among the Instagram Stories stickers will be a function called Chat. After inserting it into a photo or video, you need to write a note saying what your conversation/chat will be about. If a user sees your Story, they may ask to join this group chat.

Instagram has said several times that sending Instagram Direct messages is a big trend and greatly supports engagement. Introducing a new sticker would be a logical next step.

3. Quiz Stickers on Instagram

Instagram has also introduced a Quiz sticker, which they have been testing since February of this year. It is another tool that is designed to support engagement and interaction with Instagram Stories. This small and unobtrusive update will make your Stories more interesting and help you get feedback from followers quickly and easily. You can formulate questions by providing quizzes and get marketing-relevant information from your target audience. Quizzes can also be used in competitions.

More about Quiz Stickers can be found at the following link.

Source: Matt Navarra
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