Instagram provides insight into how its feed algorithm works

20. 6. 2018

Instagram summoned a briefing for several selected journalists to get closer to how its algorithm works. The goal was to bring more transparency into processes and better integration with the community. The main factor that the algorithm takes into account is the user’s behavior in the application.

Instagram first outlined how the algorithm works last year. But there was much confusion in the eyes of users about its operation. Instagram says that in the old chronological algorithm it showed users only 50% of friends’ posts and 30% of total posts. Now users can see up to 90% of the content based on the new algorithm.

Instagram traffic has increased since the introduction of the newsfeed algorithm, and users have multiple interactions.

The algorithm takes into account three basic factors:

  • Interest – Instagram generates content based on your past behavior. Instead, it selects posts that might interest you. If you are interested in sports topics, the algorithm will give you preference for posts with a similar topic.
  • Timeliness – Instagram assesses when the contribution was published, prefering the display of new posts. Users can see the current content.
  • Relationship – Instagram shows you the posts of the accounts you are often in contact with. Relationship is based on likes, comments, sharing, tagging in photos, messages, and other interactions.

These factors are well known and similar to Facebook’s criteria and its algorithm.

Other factors influencing the evaluation include:

  • Frequency – The algorithm evaluates how often you visit Instagram and selects the posts you have not seen since the last visit.
  • Usage – Another factor evaluates how much time you spend on Instagram. Based on that, it selects the number of posts you will see. If you aren’t on the app for very long, the algorithm will show you the most important posts because it knows you don’t spend much time on the app.
  • Following – If you follow a lot of people on Instagram, the algorithm selects from multiple posts.

Instagram also introduced cleared up several myths:

  • Instagram does not consider returning to the chronological feed.
  • Instagram does not hide the posts in the feed. You see the content of all the users you are following
  • The Feed does not favor photos over videos, both content types are of equal importance.
  • Instagram does not favor users who use Live Stream, Stories, or other features.
  • Instagram does not evaluate users according to the frequency of posts. Only if you publish too often, the algorithm will distract your posts from the content of other users so that they do not act as spam.
  • Instagram states that it does not hide users with excessive hashtags.
  • Instagram does not prioritize corporate or personal accounts. They are all sorted the same way.

These facts are positive for both users and businesses and help build a true audience. The common problem of all popular social networks is high competition and a large number of companies and users joining the Instagram. Unfortunately, in a huge amount of content, your post is lost. That’s why inevitable developments are taking place, and if companies want more engagement, they have to get paid advertising on Instagram.

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