Gross impressions and auto-refresh impressions are now available in Ads Manager

18. 10. 2017

Facebook has released two new metrics that provide more transparency on how many impressions ads receive. 

Facebook has finally rolled-out to all advertisers gross and auto-refresh impressions metrics in order to provide them with insights on how many times their ads are being shown.

Gross impressions

This metric refers to the number of times an ad was seen by both humans (valid traffic) and non-humans (invalid traffic). When compared to the impressions metric, advertisers can have a better understanding of how often their ads are seen by non-human traffic.

Auto-refresh impressions

This metric offers greater insight to ads that utilise the right-hand side placement on desktops where the ads auto-refresh. The ads usually auto-refresh when they a person scrolls through their News Feed thus, not engaging actively with the ad. The auto-refresh metric will provide advertisers with the number of impressions on your right-hand side ad that are a result of a browser refresh.

Both gross impressions and auto-refresh metrics can be accessed via the “Customise Columns” option under “Columns” in Ads Manager.


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