Facebook Workplace now has advanced chat, algorithmic feed and improved security control

10. 1. 2019

 Facebook Workplace is a very useful platform that improves internal communication and organisation of projects in companies not only within the whole company but also in individual teams. Workplace is currently used by more than 30,000 organisations. 

Facebook Workplace is an interface in which Facebook helps companies create their own internal social network. Employees can use Workplace to create posts, write reviews, make video chats and create groups, with colleagues and team members. The goal of Workplace is to facilitate internal communication and collaboration in a company.

Workplace offers two versions of membership: Standard and Premium. Standard membership is free of charge, while in Premium membership, the company pays 3 USD for each active member/employee per month. Of course, paid membership offers more tools. You can try the Premium version for 90 days for free.

In addition to the features of regular Facebook, Workplace has a control panel with analytics and single sign-on and offers the ability to integrate with existing enterprise IT systems.

Recently, Facebook has introduced several new tools to Workplace to increase employee engagement with the platform.

  • A recent significant upgrade to Facebook Workplace was adding the chat functionality. Users can start chats, calls, and video chats in groups or simply one-to-one, like with WhatsApp or Messenger. Employees can participate in multiple organisational meetings where up to 50 people can join a video call on the Workplace.

  • Another adjustment is to simplify conversation navigation. Facebook has added the ability to silence messages and to activate Do Not Disturb or Do Not Respond mode. Employees will be better aided to focus on important job assignments and will not be unnecessarily interrupted by conversation notifications. It is also possible to set a snooze time and receive notifications once the period is over.

  • Changes were also made to the Security Control function in the main Workplace application. Administrators can control individual employees and manage the rights of users in the Workplace as needed or if a problem arises.

  • The latest feature introduced is the Algorithmic sorting, which we know from Facebook. The algorithm sorts the sequence of posts and organises them by most important or most recent. Workplace administrators can move the most important posts at the top of the feed.

To learn more about Facebook Workplace, click the following link.


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