Facebook rolls-out updates to Brand Awareness Objective

17. 10. 2017

Facebook wants to deliver more value to advertisers and will do so by making changes to the Brand Awareness objective in order to improve optimisation, reporting and functionality.

The changes that will be introduced over the coming weeks focus on:

Estimated ad recall metric enhancement

The brand awareness objective is a way for advertisers to show ads to people who are more likely to pay attention to them. In order to measure the success such campaigns you can utilise metrics as estimated ad recall lift. This metric provides you with an estimate of how many people are likely to recall your ad. Facebook has been able to identify new signals that drive ad recall lift that help them introduce a new methodology for calculating this metric that will provide advertisers with more accurate results.

The “brand awareness optimisation” metric will be renamed to “ad recall lift optimisation” to clearly express what Facebook’s algorithm will be optimising for.

Optimisation enhancement

By factoring in the above-mentioned signals in the optimisation, advertisers are expected to see an increase in the number of incremental recallers generated per dollar spent compared to the previous optimization. These changes will impact video metrics for videos running under the Brand Awareness objective. According to Facebook “We anticipate you will likely see higher reach and lower CPMs, but a decline in the number of video views for campaigns that are created after the changes are rolled out”.

Creative flexibility

Based on feedback from advertisers wanting more flexibility to run both video and non-video ads in the same adset, Facebook will provide them with the possibility to do so.

The changes are expected to roll-out over the next few weeks and will only impact new campaigns.

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