Facebook publishes new statistics on user behavior and trends in messaging for businesses

13. 11. 2018

Facebook’s research team conducted research that took place in six countries where they examined the behaviour of users watching TV while being active on social networks at the same time and shared the findings publicly. 

The study, which looks at the TV-viewing and second-screening habits of people in Brazil, France, Germany, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and the United States, shows that many users are watching their mobile phones while watching TV. 28% of the sample surveyed looks at the phone during a TV program and another 50% takes their phone in hand during commercial breaks. The results vary by country and region, but also by age. Younger participants in the age group of 18-24 spend 60% of the time looking at their mobile phone during TV  breaks, while participants over the age of 45 looked at their phones 41% of the time.


The results in the picture show that the statistics between the US and Brazil are very different. The reason is not just a greater interest in social media, but it can also be the varying quality of television programs and advertising.

Also, very interesting are the results which show which applications users most often view while watching TV. Social and messaging applications make up the majority.

The results of this report are very interesting for companies. They show that television advertising will not appeal as much to younger generations. That’s why it’s worthwhile to target this group on Facebook and Instagram, where they’ll be more receptive to advertising than on the TV screen. Additionally, it is essential to consider not only the effects of TV advertising but also ads from social networking platforms.

You can find the complete survey in the following link.

How businesses use messaging applications

Messaging through instant messaging apps such as Messenger, Direct Message on Instagram or WhatsApp are on the rise. More and more people are resorting to private conversations through these platforms. Facebook conducted a research in Brazil, the UK, India and the USA with a sample of 8,100 people.

More than 10 billion messages are exchanged between companies and users on Facebook Messenger every month. There are more than 300,000 bots in Messenger. These statistics show that the use of messaging applications has great potential for businesses.

The most common conversations taking place on these messaging platforms are questions about products. Another type of communication is reservation and purchase inquiries or questions about product and service support.

Customers should provide appropriate communication channels if they want to know more about the product. Fast and effective feedback can help transform a mere user into a customer.

Communication over messaging platforms is faster by 59%. Users rate customer care as better and more personal. Complete results of the Facebook report can be found here.

If you want to learn more about Instant Messaging applications and why they are included in your marketing strategy, consider the following advice.

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