Facebook is preparing new features for Page administrators

26. 6. 2019

Facebook is working on two updates to Facebook Pages. The first change will affect the information section starting on August 1st. Facebook will remove some parts of the information section. The second new feature will be the introduction of a new post preview.

Changes to the information section

Facebook will delete certain sections in the information tab and will in turn prompt the Page administrator to edit and integrate some of the removed fields into other fields.

Facebook will delete:

  • Company Overview
  • Biography
  • Affiliation
  • Mission
  • Personal interests

Facebook’s goal is to make business listings clearer and delete the less-visited fields. Once you receive a recommendation from Facebook, you should look at the information tab for descriptions of the parts that Facebook will delete. Check these and add them to other fields so that important information doesn’t disappear. The new look of the section will be open to all on August 1, 2019.

Source: Matt Navarra

New post preview

Facebook is testing a new post view for Pages, allowing the administrator to see how the post will look before it is published. The new button “Preview’’ will be located at the bottom and to the left of “Share Now “.

Source: Ahmed Ghanem

Clicking on “Preview” will display a new section where you can switch between Desktop Preview and Mobile Preview.

Source: Ahmed Ghanem

The goal of the tool is to give page administrators a better insight into how posts are made and how content reaches their audience – with no errors in text and formatting. At this time, you can preview posts, but only for the content you have scheduled. If you share a post now, you don’t have the chance to look ahead to see what it will look like.

Facebook has not yet officially expressed when it will introduce the new feature.

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