Facebook is introducing new options to control ad placement

9. 12. 2019

Facebook has announced that it will focus on new measures that will help you better control the placement of your ads. It wants to make sure advertisers don’t see their ads in unwanted places and to provide them with greater transparency and security.

The first important step which Facebook should take is to prevent the spread of harmful content. Of course, with such a large amount of content and number of users, this is a very difficult goal to achieve. However, properly set standards and intensive security controls can help Facebook move towards this goal.

Facebook has more than 35,000 employees involved in validating suspicious content, in addition to artificial intelligence tools, and invests billions of dollars in security every year.

The second step is the need for a high quality ecosystem in terms of content, publishers and advertising. Facebook wants to retain companies selling their products and consumers, who should both have confidence in the platform and the advertisers themselves.

In this context, Facebook has published some specific measures to help brands with security checks:

  • In Business Manager and Ads Manger, you will now be able to create block lists, view delivery reports and set up inventory filters at the account level (before, these actions were only possible at the campaign level).
  • Facebook is also improving delivery reports so you can search by account ID or publisher without downloading them.
  • You can now also see content-level information. The Delivery reports are in the form of a dashboard to help you determine the success of your ad sets and show delivery metrics for your ads.
  • Facebook has a new security partner, Zefr, which, along with the existing ones, will help improve brand safety tools and controls.
  • Facebook will also start testing the white list (list of allowed) content types where in-stream video ads from publishers can appear.

These new measures will give your brand greater security, more transparency and a better choice of where your ads will appear.

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