Facebook introduces a new Tributes section for memorialized accounts

8. 4. 2019

Facebook has introduced a new feature for memorialized accounts that will allow users to leave messages in a special section called Tributes. Facebook wants to give family and friends the opportunity to honor the deceased and to remember them regularly.

Any Facebook user can choose in advance what happens to his or her account in the event of death. There are two options. You can either choose a legacy contact (authorized person) who will manage the profile after your death or have your Facebook account permanently removed. If a family member or close friend tells Facebook that a user has died, its policy is to transfer the account to memorialized. This is a special type of profile that only legacy contacts can manage. Or, the closest family members can request to remove the Facebook account of the person who died.

Memorialized Account Rules:

  • The word Remember appears next to the deceased’s name.
  • Published content remains visible only to the circle of users with whom the deceased shared it.
  • The ability to share previously published content of the deceased depends on the account’s privacy settings.
  • Nobody can log in to the memorialized account; only authorized persons have access to it.

Your legacy contact has the right to take care of your account in limited ways if it is retained after your death. An authorized user can update a profile and cover photo, pin a memorial post and accept friendships, but cannot read private messages or add and remove friends themselves.

If the memorialized account has already activated Tributes, the posts that the user created before their death will be moved automatically to this section and will be separated from the classic profile timeline. The legacy contact will have access to the Tributes environment and will be able to set who will see Tributes, remove tags of the deceased person and delete posts.

Family and friends can write stories, commemorate birthdays, and share memories of the deceased.

Not all users have access to the Tributes section, but Facebook will gradually introduce it to everyone. To check if you have Tributes activated, click on the following link.

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