Facebook helps news readers distinguish fake from real news

5. 9. 2017

Facebook has really been very passionate on their fight against fake news on its platform. This new update will display publisher logos next to articles in Trending and Search sections and it is expected to enhance news readers’ effort to easily find news from credible sources.

As part of Facebook’s ongoing effort to avoid the spread of fake news on its platform, it takes one more step, after their recent update that disabled editing link’s metadata, and helps Facebook users easily recognize content that comes from -trusted- news publishers. According to Facebook, a recent study has shown that when people see a link to an article, it can be difficult for them to associate that link with a particular source.

Facebook plans to “fix” this by adding logos next to article links. To do so, Facebook enables publishers to upload multiple versions of their logos through a new Brand Asset Library, so that the logos can appear next to their content on Facebook.

Publishers who utilise this option will be eligible to see their logos in the following places:

  • All Trending surfaces on desktop and mobile.

  • For news links on the search results page when a person searches for something

This new feature will be gradually available to all Publishers in the following weeks. If you are a new publisher wanting to get started you can find a detailed guide here.

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