Facebook enables custom audience creation from in-store visits

3. 9. 2017

Facebook gives more targeting power to advertisers and now extends Custom Audience creation capabilities to include people who have visited your brick-and-mortar store.

Soon, the Custom Audience creation modal will be enriched to include the Store Visits option that enables you to create a list of people who have visited one of your business locations.

Taking into account recently released targeting opportunities such as Instagram Custom Audience and Event Custom Audience, Facebook is doing its best to enable store owners to not only generate in-store traffic but also attribute offline revenue to online advertising with features such as store visits and the offline conversions application-programming interface.

How to utilise this new feature fully

Since this new feature focuses only on people who visited your business location you can use the Facebook store visits objective to build dynamic ad campaigns that target people around your business location.

If it is your first time creating such campaigns and you haven’t set up Business Locations before, then you can add a Business Location in Business Manager by following this guide.

You can remove any locations you don’t want to include in your campaign. Be sure to change the radius around your stores to create a broader/narrower audience, or if you know how far your customers are willing to travel to reach your store.

Finish up your campaign by adding the appropriate placements, budget and schedule.

In order to get actionable data on the estimated number of visits to your business locations by people who saw, or engaged with the local store ads you need to head over Ads Manager and add the Store Visits and Cost per Store Visits columns.

You can also utilise breakdowns to get insight into the demographics of the people who visited your store.

Seeing an ad and then visiting your store doesn’t mean that they will necessarily purchase. This is where this new targeting possibility comes in handy. You can create a custom audience of the people who have visited your store -excluding the people who purchased- and tailor your creative and copy to help them convert.

Although it is not clear at the moment, if this new option works as all previous, you will be able to choose the duration within which a visitor will remain in your custom audience list before they are automatically removed.

What do you think of this new targeting capability? Is it something that appeals to you and your business?


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