Facebook and Instagram allow you to add different videos to your placements

27. 7. 2017

Facebook launched a new feature that allows you to add different variations of videos for Facebook and Instagram placements. This allows you to reach users with tailor-made content on either platform without having to set up multiple ads.

If you are one of the many advertisers that use the same creatives across different platforms, rejoice! Facebook acts upon the fact that content is consumed differently on Facebook than on Instagram -this holds especially true for how users interact with ads- and enables all marketers to set up different videos across placements in one single ad. This means that it is no longer necessary for you to create different video adds on Facebook and Instagram without having to break them up into different ad sets.

How to get started?

In Ads Manager or Power Editor, you can either edit video ads that are already running or simply create a new variation. Have in mind that, if you want to edit existing ads that are optimized for post engagement, Page likes, events, or other engagement-related purposes, you need to pause the ad before editing. Alternatively, you can create them from scratch!

As a rule of thumb, Facebook recommends short videos in a format suitable for mobile devices – vertical or square, and that your message should appear early on.

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