Dynamic ads become more engaging in order to help marketers reach more customers

9. 9. 2017

It’s been a long time coming but finally advertisers are now able to customize the look of their dynamic ads.

Now, Facebook offers advertisers across the world new possibilities to better enhance Dynamic Ads:

The new possibilities offered by Facebook are revolved around the following:

  1. Overlays
  2. Offers
  3. Fixed cards
  4. Customizable ad copy


The goal of overlays is to help catch ad viewers’ attention by including pricing information for the products shown.

When using this new feature you can choose any of the below options to customise your overlay:

  1. Price: Show the exact price, strike-through price or percentage off for products in your catalog.
  2. Shape: Show pricing information in a rectangle, circle or triangle over each product in the ad.
  3. Font: Choose the font of the text in the overlay.
  4. Color: Choose the color of the overlay.
  5. Position: Choose where the overlay appears over each product in the ad.

You can also alter the appearance of your overlay at any moment, making it easier to “refresh” your creative and avoid fatigue for your targeted audience.


It seems that Facebook is trying to make Dynamic Ads more appealing and useful to marketers and they can now be integrated with offers.

Offers, an underutilised ad format, find their way into the popular ad format, Dynamic Ads, by being displayed as a fixed card preceding a carousel ad. This enables you to show discounts or special offers to Facebook users. People who view offers on Facebook will be able to click on it and use it on your website or they can get it in their email and redeem it in your physical store. Have in mind that Offer is only available with the carousel ad format.

In order to use an offer in your dynamic ad campaign you should:

  1. Begin with creating a dynamic ad
  2. Click the toggle in the Offers section to turn on offers.
  3. Choose the Page for which you want to create your offer and click Create Offer.
  4. Fill in the details of your offer (such as redemption information or unique codes), and then click Create.
  5. At the ad level, select an image for the offer card. The image appears at the beginning of the carousel in your dynamic ad and directly in the offer.

Fixed Cards

Facebook gives you the possibility to “pin” a card at the beginning of a product carousel in order to communicate an offer (see above), message, concept or theme about the products you are promoting.

In order to add a fixed card you need:

  1. Head over the ad creation (make sure you have chosen the Product Catalogue objective)
  2. Choose Carousel as your ad format
  3. Scroll to the links section and choose: “Add a card with a fixed image at the beginning”

Upon reaching this step, you can choose an image, video or slideshow and then customize the text that appears in the fixed card. In the case that you already have an active Dynamic Product ad running you can add a fixed card by:

  1. Heading over to the campaign
  2. Choose the ad(s) you want to insert the fixed card and then: “Add a card with a fixed image at the beginning”

Customizable ad copy

One of the great advantages of dynamic ads is that you can dynamically update the ad copy with info related to your product by utilizing fields from the product catalogue. The available fields are product name, current price, category, description and any other custom tag you might have implemented in your feed.

The goal of these new enhancements is to enable marketers reach customers with ads that are both engaging and informative. I do believe there’s room for improvement and hopefully Facebook can introduce more advanced functionalities, functionalities that third party services have already been providing marketers with, such as ROI Hunter with its Template Eitor (TEDI). What functionalities would you like Facebook to offer to you in order to make your Dynamic Ads more engaging?

In Business Factory, I work as a Facebook Marketing specialist helping both Czech and international clients to enhance their Facebook advertising efforts. For you, I wear my data-glasses and creative ideas-hat and share with you the tips, suggestions and tutorials that will help you step up your Facebook marketing game.


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