6 Tips how to use Instagram Nametags in your marketing activities

30. 3. 2019

Instagram introduced the Nametag tool back in October 2018. But many users don’t really know what its function is, how to use it or what are the benefits of using it. Using Nametag codes is easy and can be very beneficial for your marketing. In this tutorial, we show you how Nametags work and how you can use them to promote your business.

Nametags help Instagram accounts to expand audiences and profile searches. Often, if you are looking for an Instagram profile, you write the name, dots, shortcuts or underscores wrong, and adding a profile becomes a lengthy process.

Nametags are an easy solution. We can compare them to QR codes. They are images that other users can scan quickly on Instagram to immediately find and follow a profile.

For regular users, Nametag means a simpler connection, but for companies and marketers, it means another Instagram account promotion tool.

How to Create Nametags

In your Instagram account, click on the menu icon in the top right corner and the Nametag feature will appear among the tools.

  • After clicking on the Nametag, the nametag code will be generated based on the name of your Instagram account.
  • You can change the background color of your Nametag, take a picture of yourself, or create an emoji background. Just click on the Nametag screen and you will see all of the suggested design options.
  • In the upper right corner of the Nametag environment, you can find the send symbol and save the generated tag to your phone or send it by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp, or Messenger.
  • If you want to scan someone else’s Nametag, you must re-enter the tool. Below your generated name tag, you will find the camera symbol with the label Scan a Nametag.

    After clicking, you will see a screen with the text Username. Use your phone to scan the Nametag profile you want to connect with, and it will automatically display its Instagram account after loading and you will be able to start following it.

As you can see, creating a Nametag, sending it and scanning other people’s nametags is easy and less time-consuming. Now we’ll show you how Nametags can be used to get new followers and to visually promote your Instagram account.

How to Use Nametags in Marketing

Once you have created your Instagram Nametag, there’s nothing left to do than to start promoting it. You can use your Nametag on all printed materials, on the web, blog, other social networks or for discounted events. It can be included wherever it suits your business.

1. Printed materials

Your Nametag can be placed on all printed materials, such as:

  • the back of a business card
  • posters, leaflets and brochures
  • product packaging
  • package boxes from your e-shop
  • menus in restaurants
  • stickers that can be placed in the shop window
  • roll-up banners
  • cars
  • or you can print your Nametag out and put it in a visible place on in your shop or on conference stands

The more visible and accessible your Nametag is, the more likely it is for you to get more Instagram followers and the bigger reach your brand will have.

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2. Website

Nametags can be promoted through your website.

You can place them:

  • in the website footer
  • on your blog (at the end of articles or in the sidebar)
  • on your contact us form
  • in a popup window on your website

Of course, it depends on how your web site is constructed. Just be creative and place your Nametag so that it is visible and in a way that’s not spammy.

3. Social Media

Another way to spread your Nametags is through other social networks:

  • Promote Nametags on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and LinkedIn.
  • Nametags can also be shared via Instagram and Facebook Stories or in live streaming.
  • You can also include Nametags in your videos on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
  • Collaboration with influencers can also be used to promote Nametags.
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4. Promoting Nametags Online

In addition to websites and social networks, your Nametag can also be displayed:

  • in newsletters
  • in an email signature
  • on banners of various PPC campaigns
  • in online PDF materials
  • in Powerpoint presentations

5. Conferences and other promotional events

If your business often participates in various conferences, fairs, workshops and other events, you can use these occasions to promote your Nametag and connect with new contacts.

The printed Nametags can be displayed on your stand, in brochures, on business cards, on roll-up banners or simply saved in your phone when you meet new contacts during meetings.

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6. Special offers

If you want to motivate followers to start using and sharing your Nametag, you can also include them in Instagram competitions and give users a gift or a discount for services or products or follow them if they share the Nametag.

The possibilities of Instagram Nametags for promotion are wide. It is still a relatively new feature finding its place in social networking. The more your Nametag is visible, the easier it will be for users to follow you or your brand.


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