5 upcoming Instagram features

30. 9. 2019

Instagram is constantly working on new features to make the application clearer and more fun. Currently, it is testing many new tools, and we will introduce some of them in the following article. These include new Boomerang modes, Stories layouts, comment sharing, notification filters and web and app settings.

1. New Boomerang modes for Stories

Boomerang is a very popular feature in Stories, so Instagram decided to develop five new modes. The function testing has been captured by Jane Wongm and features the following types:

  • Classic – the current boomerang effect, which is now available on Instagram
  • Hold adds a brief break at the end of each loop
  • Dynamic adds a twitch to the loops
  • Slowmo has the same effect design as Classic but is slower
  • Duo 1 is similar to Classic with different dynamics
  • Duo 2 is a faster effect than classic mode
Source: janewongm.com

2. Integration of Layouts into Stories

Currently, if you want to use the Layout app, it is necessary to download it and work with it outside of Instagram. However, it should now be changed and the grid layout of the test sample should be available directly in the Instagram and Stories camera. Integration aims to simplify working with collages and the composition of posts.

Source: Twitter Jane Wongm

3. Share comments on Instagram

Another new feature that Instagram is preparing is the ability to share post comments. In addition to the Reply option found for each comment, Instagram is adding a new Share button. For now, only a test sample of users can share comments using Direct Message.

Source: Twitter Jane Wongm

4. Notification filters

This is a small but very useful update. At this time, notifications in the Activity tab are confusing. However, Instagram is working on filters to show you specific categories of notifications sorted into likes, comments and new followers.

Source: Twitter Jane Wongm

5. Set up apps and websites

The last new feature aims to make it easier for users to review both active and discontinued authorized third-party applications and websites. The feature is located in Settings – Security – Apps and Websites, where you will see a list of active and discontinued applications.

Source: Twitter Jane Wongm

All of the features presented here are in the testing phase, and when and if Instagram will introduce them is not yet clear. But just the testing shows the direction Instagram wants to take in the future.

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