5 golden tips for great Facebook Video Ads

30. 1. 2018

If you are on Facebook and follow the trends, you need to be creating videos to reach your audiences on Facebook. You can utilise Facebook’s video ads to raise awareness for your brand, showcase your product and highlight features. If you want to step up your Facebook Video Ads game you need to follow the tips bellow. 

Rule of first 3 seconds

First 3 seconds. That’s the most important part of your video. Not only it will decide whether users will keep watching, but also that is where you have the highest exposure. As many users might not pay attention to the full video, during the first 3 seconds you have the chance to say your message to everybody. Try to include your brand (it can be a logo or at least mention the brand) in this crucial part of your video. Try to express the main message or offer you want to share.

Always use subtitles

Don’t expect users to have the sound turned on. Most of the videos will start on mute. Make sure users can understand your message even without the sound. Subtitles are a great way to make the video understandable for everyone.

Not too short, not too long

Mind the length of your video. Unless you’re exceptionally entertaining or informative, users won’t watch videos several minutes long. And surprisingly not, most video ads are not exceptionall, neither is probably yours. We have seen great effectivity with videos around 30-45s. I’d always recommend to split longer content to more videos and communicate it separately (unless you’re a movie maker). Especially when targeting cold audience (users who don’t know you), never get over a minute.

Be vertical

“Mighteor’s research suggests that many consumers aren’t flipping their phones to watch a video in a traditional horizontal way. According to Mighteor’s survey results, 58 percent of all respondents had seen a video in the last 30 days that was vertical in format. Vertical video viewing increases as age decreases. In Mighteor’s survey, three out of four (74.9 percent) of millennials had recently seen a video in a vertical format,” says Peter Roesler. Why aren’t your videos? Why not to acquire the whole user’s display from the top to the bottom?

Don’t be ads-y on Instagram

We usually recommend to create different content for Instagram. This space is even less commercial than Facebook and classic promotional creatives don’t fit here at all. Take a look at Iinstagrammers to see what type of content is popular. And when it comes to IG stories, multiply this paragraph by two. What works well are people. Record somebody saying your message, using the product or recommending your service. IG stories don’t have to be perfect, they have to be authentic. Also, don’t forget to highlight the action you want user to do – swipe up.

+1 Measure and test

Video is usually used for branding and there is this idea that you shouldn’t or you can’t measure branding. Not true. On Facebook, you can get perfect insights about how your videos are accepted. Try to always watch these metrics:

  • (cost per) no. of 3s views
  • (cost per) no. of 50% views
  • (cost per) no. of 75% views
  • (cost per) no. of 90% views
  • engagement (rate)
  • negative feedback (rate)

They will show you how users accept your video. Do you see drastic drop after 50% of the video? Probably it got boring. Always try to use those metrics for learning  howto make the next video better. Good practice is to give access to your video producer to give her or him understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

And what is your experience with video? Would you add some more tips? Share them in comments!


Lukas is a marketer from Prague, Czech Republic, passionate about performance marketing and e-commerce. As Head of MENA operations, he leads the Dubai office of Facebook Marketing Partner ROI Hunter and Business Factory."


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