4 Tips on creating effective vertical videos on Instagram

28. 3. 2018

Vertical video is changing the way brands are introduced worldwide, and its popularity is steadily growing. The most obvious expansion of the vertical video is Instagram through Instagram Stories, which is viewed by more than 300 million users a day. People spend more and more time on mobile phones and companies are beginning to realize the potential of vertical video and its endless creative possibilities.

Vertical video has a number of limitations due to its format, but it is very popular among users. For this reason, Instagram, in cooperation with the Creative Shop team, has designed several types to help companies create a engaging, vertical video presentation.

The set of recommendations was based on experiments with vertical space and is enriched with the ideas and the unique style of the six top artists who participated in this experiment.

1. Direct the eyes of the viewers vertically

Experiencing video vertically is a completely new concept. The key point for Instagram creators is the ability to help navigate the human eye up and down the screen or in the vertical direction.

Illustrator and animator Kris Merc said, “Most people are taught to look at things horizontally – side to side, so it’s important to keep the eye in different directions . This fact is certainly a great opportunity to look at things in a different and new way. Due to the growing popularity of smartphones, it’s much more wise to start creating vertically. ”

2. Animate your ideas

Animating thoughts is not an easy task for an ordinary person, but it is possible. Everyone can create basic stop-motion content that can be interesting and engaging. Creation takes more time, but results will be worthwhile if you want your content to excel. You can also contact experts.

Here is an example created by animator Monica Kim, whose skills are at a highly advanced level, but again show the potential of vertical animation and a different motion of pictures than is the case with horizontal videos. Monica Kim likens work in the vertical space as a return to the past for making posters or traditional illustrations. The viewing method again leads the eye to move from top to bottom.

The most important aspect of the video is the aesthetics of the image and the art to use the imagination of viewers to create their own narrative.

3. Divide the screen

Here is another interesting way to engage the audience. In Vertical Video, you divide the screen horizontally. This effect can produce a very engaging result.

By dividing your space, you can create new perspectives, inspire the audience and focus their attention on the most important parts of the video.

4. Play with style and design

The latest recommendation Instagram focuses on playing with the style and design of the vertical video. With an interesting and playful style, such as layer overlay and texture , you can attract many viewers to increase the attractiveness of your vertical video.

“It was very exciting and interesting to work in a different format. We wanted to do something that would only make sense. It is not a handicap. It’s innovation that you need to use, “said Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda, photographers and designers.

Vertical presentation format brings you a lot of creative ways to work on videos. It is necessary to break away from the horizontal concept and try to start thinking vertically. Focus on ideas that excel vertically from top to bottom. Imagination has no limits.


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