Location data sharing, new tools for groups and support for small businesses during the pandemic

4. 5. 2020

Facebook has begun providing location data to health authorities to help monitor human movements and the spread of COVID-19. Facebook also developed a set of tools for groups to better share important information about the pandemic through their communities. In addition, Facebook is working on new ways to help small businesses overcome these difficult times.

COVID-19 and location tracking

Facebook has begun providing health authorities with a range of location data. The blue lines represent data from mobile phones and indicate user movement. The more lines, the more people travelling between areas, creating a higher risk of infection. Facebook is also generating other similar maps for the authorities, which help them with their research.

Source: SocialMediaToday

COVID-19 and new tools for groups

The first new feature for pandemic-related groups is a pop-up window that directs group members to the official COVID-19 information centre on Facebook. There, users can learn information from relevant organizations.

Source: SocialMediaToday

The second piece of news is that Facebook will encourage administrators of COVID-19 groups to share live official health broadcasts to their communities.

Facebook is also preparing new Education units for groups. The aim is for users to learn important information and understand the increased risks associated with COVID-19 through training modules added to groups. In this way, Facebook wants to use the huge potential of communities to inform its users.

Source: SocialMediaToday

COVID-19 and support for small businesses

In addition to their grant program, Facebook will provide small businesses in the United States with a digital gift card tool through which people will be able to support companies during this difficult pandemic.

In addition, a business owner can create a personal charity fundraiser for their business on Facebook and ask loyal customers for support.

Source: Facebook

Facebook will also allow pages to adjust their temporary change of services in connection with the pandemic. Just go to Settings and the Page Info section.

Source: Facebook

Facebook is now launching its Community Help tool in the Czech Republic as well. Thanks to this, users will be able to ask for help or provide help to friends and acquaintances. Fundraising campaigns can also be organized through Community Help.




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