How to use Facebook video ads to build brand awareness

29. 7. 2019

The OSHEE brand, in cooperation with Business Factory, launched its first nationwide Facebook campaign for their vitamin water products. It resulted in a significant rise in brand awareness and an extraordinary, 11% uplift in ad recall.

Campaign success is to be attributed to video ads prepared in cooperation with famous sports stars and influencers. It’s also been proven that Facebook can significantly supplement TV campaigns.

OSHEE’s story

OSHEE brand was created by polish marketers and sports fans – Dariusz Gałęzewski and Dominik Doliński. Currently, there are over 50 products under OSHEE brand that are present in 27 international markets.

Their goal: make their brand known

OSHEE’s campaign goal was to build brand awareness among the broadest polish audience possible. An additional goal was to get people interested in their new product line – Vitamin Water.

Our solution: Use of video ads

OSHEE decided to work with Business Factory agency – official Facebook Marketing Partner. This cooperation resulted in the creation of short, attention-grabbing movies that were used on their Facebook and Instagram campaigns. There were four ad versions running simultaneously, each one adapted from a TV spot.

OSHEE video ads were optimized for Facebook – very short and mobile-first. They featured soccer star Robert Lewandowski and popular Youtube vlogger Vin Milton.

OSHEE’s promotional activities started in July 2018 when an audience of all people aged 16-49 was shown OSHEE’s video ads. The campaign was optimized toward maximum reach hence ads were displayed as well in Facebook and Instagram News Feed as in Instagram Stories. The final step of the campaign was a brand lift study aimed to measure the ads’ impact on the targeted audience.

Our success: Maximum efficiency

4 weeks long video campaign for OSHEE resulted in a significant rise in brand awareness. That, in turn, established solid ground for future campaigns:

Solutions used

“Mariusz Ryciak, Head of Brand, OSHEE

Our Vitamin Water Facebook campaign was complementary to an above-the-line campaign that was running at the same time. It was the first time in OSHEE’s history that we tried this kind of paid reach activity on social media. The audience insights we gained from the campaign were incredibly valuable—for example, we learned that 91% of video views occurred on mobile.


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