Learn how to make marketing decisions in regards to creating content that works. Master content creation and ensure that it generates sales for you. Whether you are in a position that you want to brief your agency or creative department, so your creatives generate desired results, or you yourself are a writer, copywriter, graphic or video designer who wants to create content that is measurably effective for your clients, take part in our content creation course and learn everything that is needed for it.

Our courses consist of:

  • Taught educational sessions – led by our professional educator 
  • Coursebook – covering the fundamentals and reminders of practical tips
  • Workbook – used during the course by the group while led by the educator
  • Useful tools – materials that you will take with you and which you will use in practice

Content creation training

  • Online self-paced educational session
    • Individual price: 39.99€ for both coursebook and workbook
  • In-person-taught educational session (1 day)
    • Individual or group price – 1500€ per session
      • Travel costs are to be added on top (available worldwide)

Should you be interested in learning about content creation, you can either register below or contact us via the form below or via the e-mail address In the case of special requests from groups, we can tailor our offer to your needs.