What does your funnel look like?

Knowing how to turn unknown people who have never heard of you your brand to customers will help you translate the funnel into campaigns, create or find the audience that you should target, and choose the right objective.

Do you:
  • Have problems creating an effective funnel to turn cold prospects to qualified leads?
  • Struggle to drive people to the website and “make” them buy?
  • Not know how to structure your campaigns?
  • Know the audiences to use, the campaign objectives and the key metrics to track?

Why us?

The agency behind Newsfeed.org is Business Factory; a Facebook Marketing Partner that has developed the best tool for e-commerces that turns their product feed into beautiful ads that perform well, ROI HUNTER.

ROI Hunter helps us create and manage several times bigger number of ads than other companies while saving time. We manage this all from our offices (Brno, Prague, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Warsaw and Singapore) in 89 countries all over the world.

Okay, I’ve heard this before!
How are YOU different?

Glad you asked! We don’t like to toot our own horn; we let the clients do it for us!

Glad you asked! Here are some of our successes featured on Facebook.

Not impressed?

Here are the brands that trusted us to take their Facebook Ads game to the next level:

Still not impressed?

Here are successes featured on Facebook:

Ready to discuss strategy and campaign planning?

Here is what you are getting:

We will help you create and optimise your funnel. We will share performance tracking tips (ad creatives, landing pages, ad copy, automated rules etc.).

This will be a 2-hour dedicated call with one of our Facebook PPC Experts with an 1-hour research/preparation from our side. (Total of 3 hours )

At the end of our call, you will be getting a:

  • Summary of our discussion
  • Actionable tips

How does it work

  1. Fill in the form by clicking the button below
  2. We will get back to you via email (be sure to verify it’s correct) to schedule a free, short preliminary call to see whether we can actually help you and then schedule an appointment with one of our experts. If this offering isn't right for you, that's okay. We won’t proceed further (we know when we can provide additional value).
  3. You will receive an invoice for the scheduled session.
  4. You will pay your invoice.
  5. Spend 2 hours on Skype with one of our Facebook PPC experts to help you out and answer ALL of your questions.
  6. Receive a summary and actionable tips right in your inbox

Are you ready to create a successful campaign structure?

Who is this for?

Is this for YOU?

This offering was created for people who are just starting out with Facebook ads and are not sure how to structure their campaigns properly, what to optimise for and how to track their key metrics in Facebook’s Ads Manager.

Does this describe you?

How much it will cost you:

Cost: 150 euros/hour for a two-hour call plus 100 euros for our research/preparation = 400 euros